The Tri-County Antique Club property is located in Illinois, on Illinois Route 3 in southern Jersey County (see our map). The club has established an AGRICULTURAL HERITAGE MUSEUM, and also holds their Annual "OLDEN DAYS" Festival and Annual Swap Meet and Flea Market at this location. The club also has many other activities throughout the year and is part of the Jersey County Tourism effort. The club grounds are available for lease to other organizations and individuals for various events.

The Tri-County Antique Club was chartered in Jersey County on February 1, 1976. The club was started by an enthusiastic group of people from the Tri-County area, which includes Jersey, Greene & Calhoun counties, in order to provide the Jerseyville BiCentennial celebration with the very first steam-gas-threshing show to be held in Jersey County. From there the club went on to promote the appreciation of the area's agricultural heritage, through the restoration and preservation of antique, vintage & classic automobiles, gasoline & oil engines, gas and steam tractors, farm machinery and all other equipment of historical value and making these available for public viewing.

The club is now over 200 members strong, with over 100 families involved. There are people in the club from all walks of life and who are most certainly committed to preserving the area's agricultural heritage. The club's past President, Arlin Parsell, who as a young man of 21 years of age, organized the first meeting.

Many tractors and pieces of machinery have been donated to the club, most of it coming from individuals in Jersey County. The most prized possession is a 1920 Titan tractor donated by the late Charles Calhoun, who was a Charter Member of the club. The Titan is the forerunner of the International Harvester line of tractors. Many other donated items of vintage farm machinery are also on display at the club grounds.

The Tri-County Antique Club is an IRC 501-© (3) charity. Contributions to the Club are deductible from taxable income as provided by the Internal Revenue Code. The club engages only in charitable and educational activities and hopes to work with both public and private organizations and individuals to build the protection of historic equipment in planning for the future. The club wants to preserve the past for future generations, not only in Jersey County, but also include the surrounding counties of Greene and Calhoun and the adjoining counties of Macoupin and Madison. The club wishes to identify, retain, preserve and promote the local rural history, utilizing marketing techniques such as newsletters, workshops, festivals, open houses, meetings and forums to educate the public about "how Grandma and Grandpa used to do it". To this end the club has established an Agricultural Enrichment Program which provides field trips for school children and has shown over 7000 kids "how Grandma and Grandpa used to do it".

The club welcomes everyone with these same interests to become members. Without your support, even more of our agricultural heritage will be lost. Annual Membership dues are $10.00 per individual or $15.00 per family. Lifetime Memberships are $150.00 per individual and Corporate memberships are also available at $50.00 per year. Contributions or membership applications to join the club may be sent to Tri-County Antique Club, PO Box 95, Dow, IL 62022.