Mission Statement

The Tri-County Antique Club was formed to promote the appreciation of agricultural history, through the restoration and preservation of antique, vintage and classic automobiles, gasoline and oil engines, gas and steam tractors, farm machinery and other equipment of historical value, and making some of these available for public viewing.

We wish to preserve our past for future generations, not only in Jersey County, but also to include the surrounding counties of Greene and Calhoun, also the adjoining counties of Macoupin and Madison. We wish to identify, retain, preserve and promote our local rural history and we will utilize marketing techniques such as newspapers, workshops, festivals, open houses, meetings and forums, etc. to educate the public about "how Grandma and Grandpa used to do it."

Tri-County Antique Club will hold fund raisings, charge admissions, sell memberships, accept donations, etc. to raise monies to fund our operation. We will also procure grants and loans for our programs, for this purpose of preservation and education. Tri-County Antique Club will only engage in charitable and educational activities.

Tri-County Antique Club hopes to work in committees, with both public and private organizations and individuals, and use the skills of a wide range of professionals, community leaders and volunteers, to build the protection of historic equipment in planning our future. We welcome everyone with these same interests to become members of our Club. Without your support, we will lose even more of our agricultural heritage and our children will never know "how Grandma and Grandpa used to do it". Memberships are $10.00 per individual and $15.00 per family.

Note: RFD-TV has a similar mission to Tri-County Antique Club, oriented toward rural America and agriculture. www.rfdtv.com